Inside with Brett Hawke: Maxime Rooney

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Maxime Rooney is one of world’s top swimmers in both the 100/200 Free and 100/200 Fly. He recently transferred from Florida to Texas but unfortunately missed out on his Senior year of NCAA Championships due to COVID-19. He signed with the LA Current for the 2nd season of the International Swimming League and is focused on Tokyo 2021.

Brett and Maxime sit down and discuss…

His Family comes First. Being half Belgian, half Filipino.
Grew up with a pool in the backyard. Swam for Fireballs Summer League Team and then Steve Morsilli and the Pleasanton Seahawks.
Celina Li.
Backstroke. Diet. Goal oriented.
Summer of 2015: 3 part plan. Came to practice 45 mins early every day to get in an extra 500 to 1000 to get ready for practice.

“Believe you belong.”

World Junior Record in the 200 Free
200 Free Race Strategy
Listened to Ian Thorpe and believes he is right.
Being friends with Kyle Chalmers.

“The things that made you successful will continue to make you successful.” – Maxime Rooney

Why’d you choose Florida? His growth and time at Florida. Learned, “what it means to work hard the Florida way”. 15-16K a day.
Wants to be a coach.
Lifting with Matt DeLancey.
People were surprised you transferred to Texas. You swam really fast immediately. Why?
Stopped drinking milk and could only swim 5 practices a week.
Currently only training 6 practices a week.
Where do you feel the most comfortable in terms of events? 100-200 Free and Fly.
Likes to train everything to confuse his muscles.
What is Eddie Reese’s special sauce? What makes him the greatest coach in the swimming history?
Think you would have made the Olympic Team, made the podium if the Olympics went on this year?

“What’s the point of playing the game if you don’t win it?” – Maxime Rooney

How can I pull the best out of myself?
It’s all about getting your hand on the wall in the last 10.
How do you drop another .7 tenths of a second?
Maxime Shares a Swim Practice

And much more!