Inside with Brett Hawke: James Guy

By Fitter and Faster Staff

James Guy, World Champion and Olympic medalist from Great Britain, swings in for a chat. They talk about Kosuke Hagino, 200 Free race strategy, and loads of practice sets.

Part of the National Center in Bath. Lives with Freya Anderson. Bath is an hour West of London.
Recent coaching change. Why not leave England? Swimming with David McNulty.
Growing up going to school and swimming at Millfield with Joel.
6×200’s best ave @
Next week…
Next week…
8×200’s…all the way up to 15 and back down.
Kosuke Hagino Trains on a Different Level
2015 Kazan World Championships Winning the 200 Free against. Ryan Lochte. Sun Yang. Paul Biedermann. Chad Le Clos.
“Do the work for the 4, race the 2.” – James Guy
200 Free strategy.
Thinking differently like Richard Quick and Ian Thorpe.
What do you think of when you think of Adam Peaty.
“I think of him as one of the boys you know, just a normal lad, who, obviously, trains like an absolute tiger.” – James Guy
You haven’t had a stand out win since 2015. Where have you struggled in the last 5 years?
Losing some confidence. “This is not the real James Guy.” – James Guy
Training with Tom Dean.
What do you do in training for fly? Lots of aerobic/threshold butterfly.
30×50’s 4 Fly on @ :35 , 1 Backstroke SCM.
“To do things fast, you gotta do things slow.” – James Guy
Do you ever do 100’s fly in practice? All the time.

And much more!