Inside with Brett Hawke: Brett Hawke

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Interviewed by Florida Gulf Coast University’s Head Swimming Coach: Dave Rollins!

Other than the podcast, what else have you been doing since you left Auburn?
Fitter & Faster Swim Camps and how they are dealing with COVID.
Not making the 1996 Olympic team. Ran away to Auburn.
Told his parents he got a full scholarship though he didn’t.
Elimination Races at Swim Practice
Going 18.6 on the back of the Medley Relay at NCAA’s.
How’d you get into coaching?
Doing an undergraduate degree, 4 kids, and full time Head Coach. How?
What he’s learned from interviewing so many high level swimmers.
People are swimming fast coming out of quarantine.
What is a base?
“To me the base is quality! Why do we look at volume as our base?” – Brett Hawke

And much more!