Coaches Program

Inquisitive coaches have stronger teams

For the top coaches in the world, swimming is a lifelong process of cultivating philosophy, learning technique, training and communication methods.

Like sponges, the top coaches (and athletes) absorb all of the information they can. They interact with other coaches and athletes of all levels and determine what may and may not work for them and their athletes.

Fitter and Faster’s “Coaches Program” is bridging the gap between the elite level of the sport and the grassroots in a way that benefits both groups in a positive fashion. Age group coaches across the country are building great relationships with Olympic and elite athletes and coaches they may only have known by name.


Did you know?

Did you know that the American Swimming Coaches Association includes Fitter and Faster Swim Clinics towards certification updates and upgrades? ASCA members who are doing their “certification update” or a “certification upgrade” need to “list ALL camps and clinics attended” since their last certification. Coaches who list the Fitter and Faster clinics that they attended get “lifetime education units“.

Before each clinic, coaches meet privately with the clinic’s elite clinicians to review the skills and drills they’ll be teaching, their talking points and learn how they can best utilize the coaches’ experience and feedback.

These meetings are a nice opportunity for the coaches to “pick the brain” of the clinicians:

♦ Ask them about their training and coaching

♦ Learn about their relationship with their coaches and/or parents

♦ How they balanced swimming with other responsibilities, and much more.

♦ Many coaches also take the opportunity to point out specific techniques or concepts that participants in attendance may be having issues with.

This is an exclusive time for the coaches to spend with the athletes without kids and parents being around.

Clark (Burckle) was an excellent choice for the clinic!  Kids were motivated and all the coaches learned a few things to help in teaching and mentoring our athletes.

His insights on breaststroke were especially good for our Senior swimmers who attended.  I have used two sets he showed us on a regular basis.

The excitement of the clinic has worn off but the effectiveness of sets has helped our swimmers improve.  When all of my 14 and 15 year old boys get sub minute for 100 breast I will call Clark and let him know.  They might do it too.

Thank you for sending him!”

— Bill Forrester – Head Coach of Georgia Coastal Aquatic Team (1976 & 1980 USA Olympic Swim Team)

A dynamic environment is created with coaches who are engaged in the experience. During the clinic participating coaches provide extra feedback to the swimmers, send the kids off in heats, repeat the instructions of the elite clinicians; and take notes about the drills/skills being taught; and to reflect and make their own plans for practices, preparing for meets, learning to work with parents and certain types of swimmers. The experience is what the coaches make it to be for themselves.

Coaches interested in attending or participating in Fitter and Faster clinics can contact us here.